etched in steel(e) Dr. Suzanne M. Steele — editor analyst writer researcher

The Art of War at the Penticton Gallery

SM Steele outside my installation, Road to War 2008-9
inside the ‘bunker’, my video triptyche, Road to War 2008-09

a quick note to say that two of my video installations have opened at the Penticton Art Gallery’s war artist show. I’m thrilled to know that I’m sharing the billing with Mary Riter Hamilton (1873-1954), my hero actually. Riter Hamilton spent three years painting the still-smouldering battlefields of the Western Front from 1919-1922, losing her health and partial eye-sight doing so and suffered greatly afterwards, financially and physically. Her work has been neglected for a century. I wish she could see it exhibited so beautifully by curator Paul Crawford. More photos from the exhibit coming soon!

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